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Jura 18 Year Old £59


These are the drams proving popular with our customers - you might say they're trending!

  1. Jura 18 Year Old with box
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    Jura 18 Year Old

    Now £59.00 Was £74.00 (Save 20%)
  2. Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old with box

    Bunnahabhain 12 Year Old

    from £55.00
  3. Proper No. Twelve
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    Proper No. Twelve (12)

    Now from £19.95 Was from £25.00 (Save 20%)
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Hamish's Notebook

Read our favourite whisky expert's latest posts on all things whisky and spirits.
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This Week in Inveraray
26th February
We have two cracking 24 hour ballots this week for our Fyne+ members, plus a customer favourite back in stock and a few exciting new releases.
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Hamish's Highland Peated Picks
30th January
In the heart of the Highlands, a few distilleries embrace the essence of peat in their whiskies. Let's delve into the smoky selections from Scotland's most bustling and varied whisky realm.
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Hamish's Burns Night Drams
22nd January
For a night dedicated to one of the most documented lovers of Scotch, (despite his exciseman past) only the best drams will do. Here are a few whiskies that will go down swimmingly at your wee Burns Night bash.
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Hamish's Islay Peated Picks
15th January
Islay's liquid gold, where the winds whisper tales of nine working distilleries. Here, Islay peat reigns supreme, a gift from the island's harsh weather. This isn't your average peat – it's a symphony of maritime and medicinal notes, an essential dance partner in crafting the single malt. So, let's raise a glass to Islay's rugged charm and the peat that makes each sip a journey to this enchanting isle. Slàinte mhath!
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Scotch Whisky - from our home to yours
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Fyne Tuned Whisky Knowledge

Fyne Tuned Whisky Knowledge

Our whitewashed stone store and workshop on the main street in the beautiful Royal Burgh of Inveraray is a treasure trove of Scotch and World Whisky. Some happen upon it quite by chance, others make the pilgrimage every year, but all are treated to a warm welcome and warming dram. You can find our hidden gems and much-loved classics here too, including the likes of Springbank, Macallan and, our favourite, The Loch Fyne. Don’t forget to check our sale every once in a while, too!