Robert Burns Malt

As the only Scotch to feature Rabbie Burns' signature, this is the natural choice for your Burns Night feast - fitting in as well as a tartan tablecloth. The tasty single malt is endorsed by the Robert Burns World Federation, and hails from the Isle of Arran - close to his birthplace of Alloway in Ayrshire. It is perfect for toasting the bard as its smooth nature helps it go down nicely: toast after toast after toast after toast...

The Loch Fyne Blend

What could be better on Burns Night than a bit of Loch Fyne? Our blended Scotch is made with our customers in mind, using knowledge we’ve gained from speaking to our patrons for over 24 years. We like to call it ‘the malt drinker’s blend’. A perfect addition to a Burns Night dinner.

Copalli Cacao

The staple Scottish dessert Cranachan is traditionally made with single malt whisky, however, rum is also typically used. For your Burns Night dessert, add a splash of Copalli Cacao to add a subtle chocolate notes to accompany the classic fresh raspberry flavour. The rum is infused with roasted, 100% organic cacao nibs and is perfect sipped simply on the rocks too.

BenRiach The Original Ten

Inspired by the first ever BenRiach single malt, this sweet expression from will compliment the rich flavours of a Burns night feast perfectly. From haggis, neeps, tatties to cranachan and tipsy laird, they will all benefit from this smooth and complex whisky pairing.

Glen Scotia 15 Year Old

A classic Campbeltown single malt: this Glen Scotia 15 Year Old is a tasty dram complete with flavours of vanilla oak, sea spray and spicy fruits. Burns' sweetheart, Mary Campbell - aka 'Highland Mary' - lived in Campbeltown, which inspired Burns to write "Will ye go to the Indies my Mary, and leave auld Scotia's shore?” for her. He had proposed a possible future in Jamaica together, before she tragically died. Toast a dram to love.

The Loch Fyne The Living Cask Batch 13

To upgrade your Loch Fyne on the 25th, try our Living Cask Batch. Like Burns, it is rooted in Scottish tradition: made according to the historic technique described in Professor George Saintsbury's 1920 book, Notes on a Cellar. The expression is made from cask that is constantly topped up with different whiskies and never emptied. This one began with our original living cask blend ,1745, and then topped up with a selection of carefully chosen Highland malts.