Kraken Spiced Rum Limited Edition 2021

You better believe this will stand out in any bar. Why, you may ask? Well, not only is it filled with Kraken’s signature Caribbean spiced rum, known from Timbuktu to Thurso, but this Unknown Deep Bioluminescence bottle is luminescent like a sea creature of the deepest depths! So you see how we think you will spot this without bother! It arrives in a metal drivers cage presentation box, the cherry on top. Cast your nets and reel in this striking bottle whilst you can.

Doorly’s 5 Year Old Gold

A stunning wee rum! Doorly's 5 Year Old Gold is an excellent expression created by the bright minds over at Foursquare Distillery in Barbados. Matured in ex-bourbon casks and bottled at 40% abv, this is a must have dram for any rum fanatic!

Hampden Estate 8 Year Old Rum Glass Pack

A first-rate rum, one we can certainly get behind. The chaps over at Hampden are proud to release this Gift Pack, that pairs a bottle of its eight-year-old Jamaican Rum with two branded glasses. What’s not to love? The fact that the dram uses methods passed down since the 18th century, and has no artificial additives, flavourings, or added sugar, make this one a real treat for any rum fan! As I’m so kind to you all, I have this cracking wee set on offer for a limited time! Be sure to snap it up fast!

Greensand Ridge 18 Months Old That Boutique-y Rum Company

First batch rum has landed on our shores, get your paws on the treasure before it’s all gone! This bottling of Greensand Ridge Distillery from That Boutique-y Rum Company is the first of its kind. The first batch, this is a release of 444 bottles. It was aged for 18 months in an apple brandy cask, a clever wee idea if we don’t say so ourselves. This expression was bottled at a punch 52.6% abv, and is packed with fruity, citrusy notes. Scrumptious!

Cut To The Smoke Rum

A one-of-a-kind collaboration between Jamaica and Scotland! The rum, originating from Worthy Park Estate in Jamaica, is produced with copper stills made by Forsyth’s Still Makers in Speyside. This Smoked Rum uses the smoke from new American oak chips to release a sweet smokiness. This smoke is then infused with 3-year-old Jamaican rum, and after filtration it is aged in American oak bourbon barrels. The result is a strong rum, infused with Arabica coffee beans and natural tobacco extract. With a smokiness that could hold its own against any single malt whisky, this is a rum with a punch!