Balvenie The Edge of Burnhead Wood 19 Year Old

Now sold out, this 19 Year Old was a part of The Balvenie Stories series. The name references the tale of how Estate Manager David Stewart discovered the perfect heather at the edge of Burnhead wood on their Speyside estate. He thought it would be an ideal match with the barley used to make the classic Balvenie single malt, and it was - burning nicely and sending a subtle, earthy fragrance through the heat used to dry the barley. The final expression has the familiar robust Balvenie taste with an added delicate spicy fruitiness.

Glenallachie 2006 Single Cask #6624 

Also sold out, this GlenAllachie didn't stay on our shelves for long. This was our highly limited single cask exclusive, made in collaboration with GlenAllachie distillery in Speyside. Its a terrifically sherried dram, aged for fourteen years in PX sherry casks and bottled at a huge cask strength of 60.1% abv.

GlenDronach 15 Year Old Revival

Another sherried dram, this time from GlenDronach, was much loved this year. Having been introduced in the 1990's, their signature 15 Year Old was originally at a strength of 40% abv. When Billy Walker took over the distillery in the 2000s, the 15 Year Old was relaunched as GlenDronach Revival, this time bottled at 46% abv. Just four years later stock shortages forced the discontinuation of the popular dram, however, it's back - and award-winning to boot.

Kraken Black Spiced Rum Unknown Deep Bioluminescence Limited Edition 2021

A limited edition Kraken rum was one of our best selling items, and certainly our best selling rum. Containing Kraken's signature Caribbean spiced rum, what makes this one special is the bottle. It is presented in a metal divers cage box, with a bottle that glows like a sea creature of the deepest depths of the ocean. Kraken's Unknown Deep collection is always highly sought-after, and this one is sadly sold out. However, Kraken Unknown Deep 2022 edition is available here.

Glen Scotia 8 Year Old Campbeltown Malts Festival 2022

Another sold out limited edition dram, this rare Glen Scotia is the 2022 version of their annual release to celebrate the Campbeltown Malts Festival. The event takes place for one week every May, and allows the few distilleries that have endured in the historic Campbeltown, to step away from their stills and fully open their doors to the local community and visitors from afar. This one is a heavily peated spirit, with a 12 month finish in PX hogsheads.

The Loch Fyne Botanical Gin

And here we have our very own gin as the fifth best-selling item of 2022. Our gorgeous handcrafted gin is infused with Scottish maritime botanicals: sea buckthorn, heather pearls, lemon peel and milk thistle. This was much-loved by Loch Fyne fans, who loved the distinctive yet balanced flavour, complete with a sweet herbal finish.

Yamazaki 12 Year Old

From Yamazaki, Suntory's flagship single malt, this 12 Year Old expression was our best-selling Japanese whisky of 2022. Yamazaki is Japans first and oldest distillery, founded by Shinjiro Torii in 1923 and nestled on the periphery of Kyoto - where one of the purest waters of Japan originates. It was also awarded Gold in the International Spirits Challenge 2022.

The Loch Fyne Blend 

We crafted our own Loch Fyne blended whisky to help tell our story, and so many of our lovely customers enjoyed hearing it. It's an amalgamation of all we have learned about blends over the past 24 years and we consider it one of the best. We like to call it ‘the malt drinker’s blend’. Full of notes of orchard fruits, honey and gentle spice: it's no wonder why its a best-seller.

Blair Athol 12 Year Old

From Blair Athol distillery, this robust 12-year-old Highland whisky was our best-selling single malt of 2022. It was bottled by the Flora and Fauna collection named for the late whisky writer Michael Jackson, in which each distillery is given a particular creature to be elegantly displayed on the label. Here, an otter is used in reference to the Alt Dour Burn (The Burn of the Otter) which is Blair Athol's ancient water supply. This dram has a mellow deep toned aroma, with strong dried fruit spice elements from sherry cask maturation and a lovely smooth finish.

The Loch Fyne Chocolate & Orange Liqueur

In crafting our signature Scotch liqueur, we aimed to bring the beverage up to date - imbuing our creation with chocolate and orange flavours. It seems that we succeeded in our mission, as our liqueur was our best-selling item of 2022. It’s a modern twist on a traditional concept – a delicious Scotch whisky liqueur that is not too sweet and not too sticky. Perfect on its own or over ice and sensational when served as a spritzer with tonic or soda.