"Welcome once again to Hamish’s Hints, my series of regular whisky reviews made for the modern whisky lover and those new to this amazing and wondrous world (where life size wooden statues can talk, taste and provide drinking tips it seems!) 

As you know, whisky is my life, is my passion. It has to be when you are stuck outside a shop, forced to watch nothing but gorgeous lovely whisky pass you by day after day after day…….

Not that I’m complaining mind. Because I can’t. Because I’m made of wood, and my mouth doesn’t move.! For that same reason I’m also a man of very few words.being a man of few words, which is an advantage in this modern age. Less is more. Short is sweet. Concise is cool. 


Highland Park 12 Year Old

The entry level whisky from Scotland’s most northerly distillery is often heralded as the gold class of the more mainstream malts.

The Serve: A cool all black box, with words in silver using various fonts to make it feel contemporary as well as premium. With an overt invitation to join their member’s only club, the packaging does make you - and it - feel kind of special.

The Smell: Very fresh and subtle, and doesn’t give very much away. Pleasing and pleasant. Could easily lure the non-whisky drinker in to the world of whisky by smell alone.

The Sip: Like honey, very easy drinking, with a distinct peppered finish and slight smoky after taste. An easy going dram to be enjoyed with easy going company in to the wee small hours of the morning.