Inveraray... For such a small town it is packed with a plethora of gems. Full to the brim with stunning landscapes, beautiful food and delectable whiskies (you're welcome), Inveraray has something for everyone; not to mention it's rich history! Just take our jail for instance... Just up the road from our wee shop happens to be one of the finest and best kept jail and courtroom complexes in the world! A visit to Inveraray Jail is a visit back to the 19th Century, where you have the chance to experience what life was like for men, women and even children back in the day. Not only you can stroll through the halls of this historical building; guests also have the chance to immerse themselves in this 19th century experience as you hear stories from days gone by, meet real-life prisoners and hear the jangle of the prison guard's keys. As much as we would like to say Loch Fyne Whiskies is the only reason people come to visit this wee town, Inveraray jail brings people from all over the country and is an experience the whole family can enjoy (and if you fancy a wee dram to settle your nerves after, we're just down the road). But don't take our word for it, come visit Inveraray for yourself!