Most whiskies are named after the Distillery but anCnoc defies convention as it’s Gaelic for the nearby Knock Hill, not the Distillery. The Knockdu distillery uses traditional methods of whisky making, but prides itself on making a distinctly modern tasting spirit, typical of that in the AnCnoc whiskies. Knockdu was founded in 1892 by John Morrison, when he purchased the Knock Estate and farm, and discovered a spring on his land. Subsequently, the distillery was built a year later, and they have been producing great whisky ever since!

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  1. anCnoc 18 Year Old

    anCnoc 18 Year Old

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    anCnoc Peatheart with box

    anCnoc Peatheart

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  3. anCnoc Flaughter Peated

    anCnoc Flaughter Peated

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  4. anCnoc 12 Year Old with box

    anCnoc 12 Year Old

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  6. anCnoc Rutter Peated

    anCnoc Rutter Peated

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  7. anCnoc 22 year old

    anCnoc 22 year old

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