Jura distillery is located on the island of the same name, neighbouring the Caol Ila stretch of water, which runs between the island and Islay. Despite a distillery being located on this site since 1810, Jura distillery did not produce whisky until 1963, when the new building that can be seen today was erected. With a population of only 200 people, the distillery was originally built to boost the economy of the island. Despite the closeness to Islay, Jura whisky is not renowned for the intense smoky and peaty flavours of its neighbour, due to its different distilling techniques. George Orwell famously visited the island to write his novel ‘1984’ and this was celebrated with the release of a special edition 30 year old expression in 2014.

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  1. NEW 8 Apr
    Gleann Mór Jura 12 Year Old 2008
  2. Jura The Loch

    Jura The Loch

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    Jura 1989 with case

    Jura 1989

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  4. Jura Gift Pack 3x5cl

    Jura Gift Pack 3x5cl

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    Jura Two-One-Two with box

    Jura Two-One-Two (212)

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    Jura 21 Year Old Tide

    Jura 21 Year Old Tide

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  7. Jura 1988 with case

    Jura 1988

  8. Jura 18 Year Old with box

    Jura 18 Year Old

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    Jura Seven Wood with box

    Jura Seven Wood

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  10. Jura 12 Year Old with box

    Jura 12 Year Old

  11. Jura One For You

    Jura One For You

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    Jura 37 Year Old Platinum Old & Rare
    Jura 28 Year Old Platinum Old & Rare
  14. Jura One And All

    Jura One And All

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  15. Jura Tastival 2017

    Jura Tastival 2017

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  16. Jura 16yo 20cl

    Jura 16yo 20cl

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  17. Jura One for the Road

    Jura One for the Road

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  18. Jura 10 Year Old with box

    Jura 10 Year Old

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  19. Isle of Jura Prophecy

    Isle of Jura Prophecy

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