The Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar (2017 Edition)

12 Drams of Christmas & Advent Calendars


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A wonderful showcase of Japan's finest whisky, with a different 3cl wax-sealed bottle behind each window. Sure to delight whisky fans everywhere, single malts, single grains and blends from the likes of Hibiki, Nikka, Hakushu and Yamazaki await!


Everyone loves the thrill of finding out what's behind the window of their Advent Calendar, but if you really can't wait then here's the complete line-up (although not necessarily in the right order!):

  • Nikka From The Barrel
  • Hibiki Japanese Harmony
  • Nikka Taketsuru Pure Malt
  • The Chita
  • Yamazaki 18 Year Old
  • Nikka 12 Year Old Reserve
  • Togouchi 9 Year Old
  • Nikka Pure Malt Red
  • White Oak Akashi Single Malt 5 Year Old
  • Nikka Blended Whisky
  • Okayama Single Malt
  • Nikka Coffey Grain
  • Togouchi Premium Blended
  • White Oak Akashi Single Malt
  • Togouchi 15 Year Old
  • Nikka Pure Malt Black
  • Hibiki 17 Year Old
  • Mars Maltage Cosmo
  • Togouchi 12 Year Old
  • Nikka All Malt
  • White Oak Akashi Blended
  • Nikka Coffey Malt
  • Yamazaki Distillers Reserve

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