The Loch Fyne Blend 5cl
The Loch Fyne Blend 5cl

The Loch Fyne Blend 5cl

5cl / 40% abv


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It’s said that you can never have too many single malts in your drinks cabinet – nonetheless, there is always room for a good blend!

We’ve tried, and very much like, many of the Scotch whisky blends on the market, but that didn’t stop us wanting to make our own. In fact, it gave us all the more reason to create The Loch Fyne Blend to help tell our story.

And so, we crafted what we consider to be the best blend around, using the knowledge we’ve gained from speaking to our customers for over 24 years. We like to call it ‘the malt drinker’s blend’.

Hamish Says

Nose: Ripe green apples mingle with vanilla and honey. Nectar and floral notes also come through as if in an orchard in summer.

Palate: Initially sweet with the honey and apples continuing on from the nose. A gentle spice breaks through towards the end.

Finish:  Sweet orchard fruits add to the finish which is surprisingly long.