The Loch Fyne The Living Cask - Batch 5

50cl / 43.6% abv

The Loch Fyne The Living Cask - Batch 5
The Loch Fyne The Living Cask - Batch 5


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The Loch Fyne The Living Cask - Batch 5 Description

Why have one Living Cask, when you can have two? Inspired by our award-winning The Living Cask 1745, we created a second cask of equal quality. To begin, we part filled it with our 1745, which we then topped up with a selection of carefully chosen Highland malts. We christened this The Living Cask ‘Batch 1’. Because of how it was made, stocks were limited, and it soon sold out.

We then set about creating Batch 2. Taking the depleted stocks of Batch 1, we poured in a selection of delicious Speyside single malts. Once again, stock was limited and The Living Cask Batch 2 sold out as well. Next came Batch 3 – we took what remained of Batch 2 and added some amazing sherry cask single malts. Batch 4 followed, taking the depleted stocks of Batch 3 and adding some of the best bourbon cask single malts we could find.

We're now at Batch 5 and so the process will go on. The Living Cask® will never die and will always be an evolution of its Islay origins. Every batch we craft is different, meaning each intriguing expression is a limited edition release, and part of an ongoing series which is as collectable as it is delicious. 

Start your remarkable collection now, and remember, no two batches are ever the same. (Nor are three, four or… you get the picture...!)

Please note: Our Loch Fyne Whiskies products are presented in handmade glass bottles. Due to their handmade nature, these bottles can show small imperfections such as grooves and seams in the glass.

Hamish Says

Nose: a lovely depth of oak and light smoke from a log fire with gentle aniseed, liquorice, and a touch of coastal sea air.

Palate: more coastal than smoky, a delicate oak and soft tobacco combining with a salt tang, before salted caramel and some honeyed aspects develop.

Finish: light, delicate and sweet with a soft peat smoke and honey leaning towards a medicinal style finale.