The Vodka Explorer Advent Calendar (2021 Edition)

24x3cl / 39.8% abv

The Vodka Explorer Advent Calendar (2021 Edition)
The Vodka Explorer Advent Calendar (2021 Edition) The Vodka Explorer Advent Calendar (2021 Edition)


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The Vodka Explorer Advent Calendar (2021 Edition) Description

Calling all vodka fans, prepare lather your tastebuds in some of the finest vodka you can find! When we saw the premium vodkas in this Vodka Explorer Advent Calendar, the first word that came to mind was ‘jings!’. This is an exceptional array of some of the best vodkas in the world, with big names such as Cîroc, J.J. Whitley, Haku Vodka, and Stolichnaya all featuring prominently.

A great chance to join in on the festivities hosted by Drinks by Dram, this is a fine chance to sample some of the best vodka producers in the world, with 24 wax-sealed 3cl bottles from some world-leading distilleries. An amazing chance to breathe a wee bit of character into any mixed drink, or to try on their own!

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Hamish Says


Everyone loves the thrill of finding out what's behind the window of their Advent Calendar, but if you really can't wait then here's the line-up (although not necessarily in the right order!):

  • Reyka Vodka
  • Cîroc Vodka
  • Stolichnaya Gold
  • Cariel Batch Blend Vodka
  • Beluga Noble Russian Vodka
  • Koskenkorva 013 Vodka
  • Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka
  • Cîroc Red Berry
  • Ramsbury Vodka
  • Chapel Down Chardonnay Vodka
  • J. Whitley Raspberry Vodka
  • Haku Vodka
  • Ephemeral Vodka
  • J. Whitley Watermelon & Lime Vodka
  • Moskovskaya Pink Raspberry & Lime Vodka
  • Stolichnaya Lime
  • Blinking Owl Vodka
  • Mary White Vodka
  • Jaffa Cake Vodka
  • Black Cow Christmas Spirit
  • Crystal Head Onyx Vodka
  • East London Liquor Co. Vodka
  • Blinking Owl OC Orange Vodka
  • J. Whitley Artisanal Russian Vodka