Hamish's hints on Haig Club - What's it like?

"As you know, whisky is my life, is my passion. It has to be when you are stuck outside a shop, forced to watch nothing but gorgeous lovely whisky pass you by day after day after day…….
Not that I’m complaining mind. Because I can’t. Because I’m made of wood, and my mouth doesn’t move.

For that same reason I’m also a man of very few words. And that was a wee worry for me when it came to my whisky reviews. Until I got some great advice from my new buddy Rob ‘The’ Bruce. Or as I like to call him Bobby the Blogger (and sometimes Blobby the Blogger which he really hates!).

He said that being a man of few words was an advantage in this modern age. Less is more. Short is sweet. Concise is cool. Which I was delighted to hear... if I could hear that is... wooden ears you see, like a wooden mouth - you get the picture!
Anyway, welcome to Hamish’s Hints, my series of regular whisky reviews made for the modern whisky lover and those new to this amazing and wondrous world (where life size wooden statues can talk, taste and provide drinking tips it seems!) 

Haig Club

Made famous by its association with David Beckham, the Haig Club grain whisky – owned by Diageo - was launched with a huge fanfare last year.

The Serve: Some love it, some hate it. Bright blue glass which looks like a giant bottle of “brand Beckham” aftershave. But don’t let that put you off! The liquid is quite pale compared to some.

The Smell: Light and pleasant. Quite creamy, like McCowan’s Highland toffee.

The Sip: Sweet like a chocolate eclair, with a texture to match. Almost like a dessert whisky. Simple but effective. Great for cocktails, and first time whisky drinkers (particularly if you love all things Beckham).

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