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  1. Hamish's Secret Santa Picks

    Hamish's Secret Santa Picks

    Treat your Secret Santa to a bit of Loch Fyne, with my picks of our best wee gifts. All under £20!
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  2. Black Friday: Not To Be Missed!

    Black Friday: Not To Be Missed!

    Presenting the best Black Friday deals, that you won't find anywhere else.
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  3. 10 Best Whisky Gift Packs for Christmas

    10 Best Whisky Gift Packs for Christmas

    Excited for 2023's Christmas season? Me too! I've got some cracking gift sets all ready to present to your loved ones, take a look!
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  4. Top 10 Whisky Advent Calendars

    Top 10 Whisky Advent Calendars

    Well, I say, my whisky-loving friends, it's almost that time of year again - our Whisky Wonderland! Picture this: behind each door of these splendid premium whisky advent calendars lies some of the finest liquid gold known to humanity. Yes, you heard me right, behind each little door, you'll find not a chocolate truffle, but a miniature treasure of whisky excellence.
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  5. Single Cask Spotlight

    Single Cask Spotlight

    Single cask drams are truly special. If a whisky is labelled as "single cask", this means that every bottle of that particular expression has come from the same cask. This makes single cask drams often some of the rarest and most highly sought-after whiskies on the market. I've chosen some of the best and brightest single cask whiskies in our shop today - make sure you snap them up, as they can never be repeated.
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  6. Our Newest Loch Fyne Single Casks

    Our Newest Loch Fyne Single Casks

    The Loch Fyne reputation has been built on introducing our customers to the most unique and interesting whiskies we can get for our wee shop. This naturally has led us on a hunt for some of Scotland’s best single cask whiskies to put our name to. Carefully selected with our customers in mind, The Loch Fyne Single Cask expressions are always limited, always special, and never stay on our shelves for long. I'm chuffed to present to you my latest finds, take a gander at these beauties.
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  7. English Whisky Spotlight

    English Whisky Spotlight

    It's not just Scotch that is all the rage! English whisky is making leaps and bounds - we are in exciting times. The last 20 years has seen a boom of distilleries popping up far and wide, from London to the Lake District. Take a wee gander at some of my favourite expressions!
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  8. USA Whiskey Spotlight

    USA Whiskey Spotlight

    I've been having fun sampling whiskey's from across the pond this week. From spicy rye, to classic bourbon, to the one-of-a-kind that is Tennessee whisky, we've got a wee bit of everything for you to try.
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  9. Summer Spirits: Hamish's Favourite Japanese Whiskies

    Summer Spirits: Hamish's Favourite Japanese Whiskies

    Ever since my holiday to Japan earlier on in the summer for Suntory's 100th anniversary, I've had a hankering for Japanese whisky. Although Scotch will always have my heart, I can definitely appreciate the craftmanship of our former copycats. The founding fathers of the Japanese whisky industry learned their craft from Scottish distilleries, with Nikka Whisky's creator having cut his teeth at Speyside's Longmorn distillery and Suntory's founder choosing the location of Yamazaki because the climate was similar to our glorious Scottish Highlands. After 100 years however, Japanese whisky has grown to be in a league of its own - a few are some of the most collectable whiskies in the world. Here are my favourites:
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  10. Summer Spirits: Hamish's Favourite Tequila & Mezcal

    Summer Spirits: Hamish's Favourite Tequila & Mezcal

    What's summer without a margarita or two? We've got the perfect selection to jazz up your cocktail, from smoky mezcal to ultra-smooth tequila. Here's a few of my favourite, perfect in a cocktail or in shot form.
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