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  1. Best Whiskies For Father's Day: Under £75

    Best Whiskies For Father's Day: Under £75

    This Father's Day, let us be your companion in celebrating the belter dads in our lives with our selection of whiskies under £75. Raise a glass to the man who taught you the value of hard work and the joy of a well-earned dram.
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  2. Ten Great Gift Ideas for Father's Day

    Ten Great Gift Ideas for Father's Day

    Father's Day is fast approaching! With just a few weeks until the big event, you might feel like you're scrambling about to find the perfect gift for your auld man. Not to worry, though! I've put together some of my favourite whiskies to gift loved ones to help you on your way.
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  3. Islay Festival 2024 Bottlings

    Islay Festival 2024 Bottlings

    I've managed to nab a few gems from distilleries involved in Feis Ile 2024, all while soaking in the atmosphere at Loch Fyne. Can you imagine the excitement of getting your hands on those limited edition bottles, surrounded by the beauty of Islay and the buzz of the festival? It's like a dream come true for any whisky aficionado. And let's not forget the history behind Feis Ile, how it started as a humble celebration of Islay's greatness in 1986 and blossomed into this fantastic showcase of whisky culture.
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  4. This Week In Inveraray 15/04

    This Week In Inveraray 15/04

    We have two more ballots for our Fyne+ members, plus four new Loch Fyne bottlings!
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  5. This Week In Inveraray

    This Week In Inveraray

    We have two cracking 24 hour ballots this week for our Fyne+ members, plus loads of new releases.
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  6. Mothers Day Picks

    Mothers Day Picks

    For whoever you call mum, Hamish has found the very best presents at The Loch Fyne - perfect for the most important female figure in your life.
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  7. This Week in Inveraray

    This Week in Inveraray

    We have two cracking 24 hour ballots this week for our Fyne+ members, plus a customer favourite back in stock and a few exciting new releases.
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  8. Hamish's Highland Peated Picks

    Hamish's Highland Peated Picks

    In the heart of the Highlands, a few distilleries embrace the essence of peat in their whiskies. Let's delve into the smoky selections from Scotland's most bustling and varied whisky realm.
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  9. Hamish's Burns Night Drams

    Hamish's Burns Night Drams

    For a night dedicated to one of the most documented lovers of Scotch, (despite his exciseman past) only the best drams will do. Here are a few whiskies that will go down swimmingly at your wee Burns Night bash.
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  10. Hamish's Islay Peated Picks

    Hamish's Islay Peated Picks

    Islay's liquid gold, where the winds whisper tales of nine working distilleries. Here, Islay peat reigns supreme, a gift from the island's harsh weather. This isn't your average peat – it's a symphony of maritime and medicinal notes, an essential dance partner in crafting the single malt. So, let's raise a glass to Islay's rugged charm and the peat that makes each sip a journey to this enchanting isle. Slàinte mhath!
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