Our People

We are more ‘in-house whisky enthusiasts’ than staff, the men and women that you’ll meet love a blether about whisky almost as much as they enjoy drinking it! For them it’s less of a job and more of a way of life.

Just like you, they all have their personal tastes and favourite drams, and it’s this that makes for endless lively banter and heated debates long after the ‘closed’ sign goes up on our door at night.

They man (and woman) the store with tireless enthusiasm, taking their turn in the workshop as they put labels on our own carefully crafted blends. And yes, they do take their work home occasionally... Someone's got to do it!

Our Hamish stands proud at the door of our shop, giving customers a real Scottish welcome! He's becoming a bit of a Loch Fyne celebrity in his own right, and if you're lucky, he might even pose for a photo with you...