Located 1,164 feet above sea level, within the picturesque moors of the Cairngorm National Park in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, lies the quaint Dalwhinnie Distillery; the highest distillery in Scotland! It is here that one of the lightest, cleanest single malt whisky’s we have ever tasted is passionately created; the Dalwhinnie 15 Year Old.

Part of Diageo’s Classic Malt Range, the Dalwhinnie 15 is a wonderful malt with a uniquely pleasant character. The secret to this is the fact that Dalwhinnie make good use of the extremely cold water that runs down from the mountains beside the distillery. This cold water allows the distillery to condense the spirit very quickly, which is then given a well-deserved maturation of 15 years to develop its character within refill American oak bourbon casks.

So let’s get down to the tasting.

On the nose is the notable presence of sweet, summery honey; this is joined by a flowery perfume. The whole experience is crisp, fresh and bright, like a gentle stroll up a sun soaked, heather covered hillside.

On the palate this theme deepens. More honey, barley, vanilla and citrus notes join this exquisite celebration of summer flavour. It is a smooth, light dram that’s tastes linger and complement one another perfectly.

The finish is lengthy and is by far the most intense part of the dram; giving way to a smokier, peaty character.

Overall this is a delightful dram, well deserving of its place with the Classic Malts Range. Dalwhinnie 15 is a fantastic entry whisky for those looking to venture into Highland malts, or will perhaps become a dram of choice for those less keen on more complex flavours; and with a relatively low price tag, it is tremendous value for money.