New York Ragtime Rye Whiskey

New York Distilling Company present this fine American straight whiskey, which has been made with the whiskey cocktail trend at the turn of the century in mind: drinks made with spicy and warming rye. Perfect for wee home cocktail nights, the expression holds flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, oak and leather, juicy red berries and vanilla.

Blanton's Straight from the Barrel 132.4 Proof Bourbon

Many have their hearts set on this Kentucky Bourbon. It's a multi award-winning expression from Buffalo Trace Distillery, which is drawn from a single cask and presented at natural cask strength, after being matured in the famous Warehouse H - the construction of which was overseen by distillery president Colonel Blanton himself! Expect flavours of warm vanilla, oak, toasted nuts and a rich spiciness with hints of butterscotch or honey.

Jack Daniel's Triple Mash Blended Whiskey

The most famous name in American whiskey, Jack Daniel's combines their Bonded American Malt, Rye, and Tennessee Whiskeys at 100 proof to create this unique expression. The dram was matured for four years before being bottled at 50% abv. This one showcases flavours of toasted oak, grain spice and honey.

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Johnny Drum Bourbon Private Stock

This smooth and sweet dram is the original expression from Johnny Drum, which holds notes of caramel, vanilla and leather. Produced in small batches, and bottled at cask strength, this is a standout old-school sour mash.

Tincup American Whiskey

A blend of ‘high rye’ bourbon from Indiana and single malt whiskey from Colorado, which is created using spring water from the Rocky Mountains, and aged in #3 charred oak barrels. It is named after the tin cups the Colorado mining pioneers drank their whiskey from! Expect flavours of spicy rye, and sweet cinnamon and caramel.

Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year Old

This terrific Kentucky bourbon was first aged in charred American white oak, before select barrels were put aside to age for 10 years. The result is an incredibly smooth sipping bourbon with a rich profile. The consistently smooth taste is accompanied by vanilla and dried fruit notes, before a long and smoky finish.

High West Whiskey Campfire

Influenced by a trip to Islay, High West Distillery's David Perkins created 'Campfire': a unique blend of bourbon, rye, and peated Scotch whiskies, all ranging from 4 to 8 years of age. The result is a whiskey with subtle rye spice and soft smoky finish.

Jack Daniel's Bonded Tennessee Whiskey

A fabulous Bonded expression from Jack Daniel's, this one is their classic expression made according to the Bottled-in-Bond Act of 1897. The dram was matured in specially selected barrels to create a rich and dramatic flavour profile, with rich oak, caramel and spice.

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Westward Single Malt

This whiskey from Portland-based Westward distillery is made using locally sourced malted barley and brewed with ale yeast before undergoing a maturation in lightly toasted American virgin oak casks. The result is an unmissable dram for American whiskey fans, inspired by the North West United States! Expect complex notes of cinnamon, spiced oak and tobacco.

Rittenhouse Rye

Another magnificent example of rye whiskey comes to us from Heaven Hill distillery in Kentucky, USA. Commemorating the famous Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, a public park and the surrounding affluent and desirable neighbourhood. This expression is aged for four years and bottled-in-bond at 100% proof, resulting in a clean and rich palate with cocoa, zesty citrus and vanilla, followed by cinnamon and nutmeg spice.

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