Worthy Park 109

1L / 54.5% abv

Worthy Park 109
Worthy Park 109


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Worthy Park 109 Description

Some things are built to last. Like this 1L bottle of Worthy Park 109. The 109 in the title is due to it being 109 proof (which is 54.5% ABV to us Brits). Despite this, its deceptively smooth. Created from the easy-to-like Worthy Park Estate, which grow all of the sugar cane with which it creates its rum from, this is another exceptional blended rum.

Full-bodied, the finish gives a little unexpected smokiness, one for whisky fans as well as rum fans to sink their tastebuds into!

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    Worthy Park
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Hamish Says

Nose: citrus, exotic fruits.

Palate: brown sugar, ginger, dried spices.

Finish: oak, smokiness, brown sugar.