Hello there! Hamish here.

Now you probably know it’s Burns Night on Friday but do you know why we started celebrating the late great Rabbie Burns and everything Scottish on this fine day? Let me tell you a bit more about it…

Burns Night is a great big celebration of the life and poetry of ‘The Bard’ Robert Burns and it’s celebrated on or around his birthday – 25th January. The first Burns Night was held by a few of Rabbie’s friends on the fifth anniversary of his death and it’s been a regular occurrence since – that’s over 200 years!

It might be argued that the star of the show at a Burns Night gathering is the haggis. It’s so important that it sometimes has it’s own piper to play it in during the ‘Piping of Haggis’! The piper will play whilst the chef presents the haggis on a plate for the starving party, "A Man's A Man for A' That", "Robbie Burns Medley" or "The Star O' Robbie Burns" might be played. The host will usually then recite “Address to a Haggis”, a famous poem written by Burns to celebrate the beauty of a good bit of haggis. Ye cannae beat it!

At the end of the poem a whisky toast is to be had to salute the haggis before it’s devoured with neeps and tatties. A wee bit later on is the Address to the Lassies. This was originally a speech to give thanks to the women who had prepared the meal however nowadays it tends to celebrate all women and is much more wide-ranging. Next is the Reply to the Laddies. As you can imagine, this is a response to the speech celebrating the ladies. A female guest will reply to any points made in the Address to the Lassies and will give her views on men. Both speeches tend to complement each other. It’s awfy nice!

After the speeches the festivities continue with songs written by The Bard and maybe some more poetry. Next, for grand finale, everyone will stand, join hands and belt out Auld Lang Syne. Then there’ll probably be some more drams to be had!

Whatever you’re up to on Friday make sure you have a belter of a night! If you’re in Edinburgh swing by the Loch Fyne Whiskies shop for some haggis and whisky tasting!

If you’re having your own wee party, visiting a friends or having a quiet night in make sure you grab yourself a cracking bottle to celebrate the occasion. Here are my top picks: