I love nothing more than a wee courie up with a good book and a great dram. I have to admit that my 1999 New Year’s resolution to read more of ‘the classics’ hasn’t made as much progress as I’d hoped – War & Peace stands out as a major culprit – but I keep trying all the same. And it’s a lot easier when your Friday night dram gives you a recommendation!

The First Editions Authors’ Series appeared on the scene in 2015 with a batch of single cask single malts that paid tribute to great writers, the unique character of the whisky evoking unique aspects of the author’s life and works. The first series included Charles Dickens, Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Louis Stevenson among others.

The latest release sees four more amazing single cask expressions, each honouring a great author of the 19th century. If there was ever a reason to read some Benjamin Disraeli, it’d be this! Whether or not you see the author’s personality or work reflected in the character of the dram, you have to admit Les Miserables is a lot better with a 50 year old Speyside single malt in your hand!

The First Editions Authors' Series 2016