This brilliant wee spirit hails from Mexico. Created from the agave plant, the result is a strong and distinctively flavoured tipple. While we might associate tequila with partying and shots, the right bottle makes for a smashing slow-sipper. Whether you prefer your tequila in a margarita or enjoyed neat, I've got something here for you!

Casamigos Anejo Tequila

Founded by the one and only George Clooney and long-term best friends, Rande Gerber and Michael Meldman, Casamigos Tequila is an ultra-premium tequila made from 100% Blue Weber agave from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico. This anejo variety in their range is aged for up to 14 months in American oak barrels achieving all the lovely honey, vanilla, and caramel flavours typical from this type of cask.

Patron Silver Tequila

Made from the finest 100% weber blue agave, Patron Silver Tequila is handmade in small batches and presented in a unique numbered glass bottle. Aromas of zesty citrus fruits, with a sweet, smooth palate, and peppery lingering finish. As a wee treat, I've put this bottle on offer for a limited time for all of you to enjoy. Don't say I'm not good to you!

1800 Anejo Tequila

A tequila with credentials. This 1800 Anejo is aged in small French oak barrels for over 12 months, (and a small proportion of it is even aged in American oak for three years). Very nice indeed to see that tequila makers are looking toward the same maturation processes of Scottish whisky, and when the taste is as great as it is here it's a surprise it's not more commonly done!

The Lost Explorer Salmiana 12 Year Old

A fiery feat! Made using Salmiana agave from San Pablo Huixtepec, Oaxaca, this is a wonderfully balanced mezcal with great depth. Sweet, spicy, and earthy, this expression masterfully balances a multitude of flavours to create this truly accomplished tipple.

Mijenta Tequila Blanco

If tequila makes you happy, then this superb spirit from Mijenta is sure to be up your street! Hailing from the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, Mijenta is a sustainable tequila made with 100% blue weber agave and bottled without filtration. With sustainability, community, and authenticity in mind, the spirit is initially crafted by Mexico based Maestera Tequilera Ana Maria Romero, and the bottles are made from locally sourced stock class, while the labels are produced using agave waste. Kick back and relax with some of these super refreshing spirits this summer!