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  1. Speyside Spirit

    Speyside Spirit

    Credit: Cairngorms Business Partnership Oft, as much I enjoy a smoky island whisky there’s just something about a Speyside Malt that oozes class and quality.That might be because they have enough practice making malts up there, I mean did you know Speyside is home to over half the distilleries in Scotland and has the greatest concentration of malt whisky producers...
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  2. Burns Night Is Here!

    Burns Night Is Here!

    Hello there! Hamish here.Now you probably know it’s Burns Night on Friday but do you know why we started celebrating the late great Rabbie Burns and everything Scottish on this fine day? Let me tell you a bit more about it…Burns Night is a great big celebration of the life and poetry of ‘The Bard’ Robert Burns and it’s celebrated...
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  3. 7 Great Whisky and Cheese Pairings

    7 Great Whisky and Cheese Pairings

    Hello there!Hamish here. Let me ask you a wee question – have you ever been at a dinner party or simply with friends, sat around the cheese board, wondering what cheese (if any) would complement your dram?Well I’ve got you covered, let’s take a wee look at my favourite cheese and whisky pairings 1. Roquefort & Talisker 18 Year Old...
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  4. Peat - Love It Or Hate It

    Peat - Love It Or Hate It

    Ah, nothing reminds me of home more than a good peaty whisky. Known as being the marmite of whisky, not due to tasting like marmite, but well… you either love it or hate it. If you love peaty whiskies you’re at the right place. If you’re not much of a fan perhaps you haven’t found the right one yet. In...
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  5. Hamish's Dram Fyne Guide To Islay

    Hamish's Dram Fyne Guide To Islay

    Ah the beautiful Isle of Islay. Whilst she's only 239 miles squared, as of 2019 there are no less than eight distilleries on the island with another - Ardnahoe - due to open very soon. And these aren't just any old distilleries, these are known the world over for producing some of Scotland's finest whiskies. Some of the reasons there...
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  6. Treasures Of The Collector’s Loft

    Treasures Of The Collector’s Loft

    Hello! It’s yer auld pal Hamish here, back again just before Christmas. Have you heard of Loch Fyne Whiskies Collector’s Loft? It’s where you’ll find a belting array of old and discontinued bottlings that would make a fine addition to even the most prized collections.
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  7. Hamish's Top 7 Whiskies Of The Year

    Hamish's Top 7 Whiskies Of The Year

    What a year 2018 has been eh! But where has it went?! After such a fantastic year for whisky comes to a close, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my favourite whiskies this year!
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  8. Hamish’s Best Kept Christmas Secrets

    Hamish’s Best Kept Christmas Secrets

    Isn’t this time of year just wonderful folks! Och aye, I just love it! Catching up with auld pals, spending quality time with the family, wolfing down all the mince pies and cracking open a fine dram by the fire. Mmmmmmm perfection! Now, there’s two sides to every coin and as much as I love the spirit of Christmas giving...
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  9. Bringing Inveraray to Auld Reekie? A Capital Idea!

    Bringing Inveraray to Auld Reekie? A Capital Idea!

    Loch Fyne Whiskies opened its doors in 1993 and quickly became a beloved fixture in the Royal Burgh of Inveraray, attracting drouthy visitors from far and wide in search of a special dram to quench their thirst. A quarter of a century later – though you’d swear I haven’t aged a day – and firmly established as a bit of...
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  10. Celebrating Our Lost Whisky Capital

    Celebrating Our Lost Whisky Capital

    Long time no see auld pals! I haven’t been doing too much writing lately what with the freezing cold winter here in Inveraray, but now that things have started to thaw a bit I thought I’d pick up the proverbial pen and get back to it! First up on my to do list: Campbeltown. This gem of a place was...
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