Hello there!

Hamish here. Let me ask you a wee question – have you ever been at a dinner party or simply with friends, sat around the cheese board, wondering what cheese (if any) would complement your dram?

Well I’ve got you covered, let’s take a wee look at my favourite cheese and whisky pairings

1. Roquefort & Talisker 18 Year Old

Roquefort is a rich, creamy and sharp cheese. The sharpness and tanginess works perfectly with a big smoky whisky such as Talisker 18 Year Old. A complex whisky should match the complexity of Roquefort. Lanark blue cheese also works extremely well with a peaty whisky thanks to the similarities it shares with Roquefort.

2. Brie & Glenmorangie 18 Year Old

The subtleness of Brie means that a big powerful whisky won’t it any favours. A lighter, sweeter, fruitier whisky really complements the silky nutty flavours. This is why I’d recommend the deliciously fragrant Glenmorangie 18 Year Old. The palate of honey, dates and fresh figs and the long, sweet and nutty finish really makes this the perfect pairing for brie.

3. Camembert & Auchroisk 10 Year Old

Softer cheeses need a light and delicate whisky pairing to not overpower the cheese. I find Auchroisk 10 Year Old works a treat with camembert and a whole host of other soft cheeses.  The sweet and soft characteristics of this whisky complement the milky and sweet flavours of the camembert.

4. Gouda & Laphroaig Lore

Gouda is a delicious smoky cheese and therefore needs a whisky that complements this smokiness and won’t get overpowered. Laphroaig Lore’s deep and distinctive peaty smoke is a fantastic pairing with a smoky cheese.

5. Stilton & Highland Park 18 Year Old

A hard blue cheese needs a full bodied and complex malt as its partner. Stilton’s rich and mellow flavour with its pungent finish is perfect with the rich, oaky characteristics of this Highland Park expression. The dark fruits at the palate and gentle peaty notes are fantastic with a wee bit of Stilton on the side. One of my favourite pairings on this list!

6. Crottin de chavignol & Macallan 15 Year Old Fine Oak

Crottin-de-chavignol is a great goats cheese with creamy and nutty characteristics. It’s these characteristics that I find make a great pairing with the deliciously rich chocolate flavours with raisins and a touch of orange that comes from the sherry and bourbon seasoned oak casks in Macallan 15 Year Old Fine Oak.

7. Cheddar & Dalmore 15

Cheddar may not be the most exotic cheese on the board but it certainly oozes character. There’s nothing wrong with a classic and this is why it works beautifully well with Dalmore 15. The fruity and woody characteristics of some cheddars is great with the fruity characteristics of Dalmore 15.

Well there you have it, next time you're at a dinner party wow your friends with your new found knowledge. I won't tell them you got it from me if you don't.

Until next time, cheerio!